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Title 11. Law Division 3. Gambling Control Chapter 1. The ... Chapter 1. The Division of Gambling Control Article 2. DEFINITIONS Section 2010. Definitions. For purposes of these regulations, the following terms have the following meanings: (a) "Act" means the California Gambling Control Act, Chapter 5 (commencing with Section 19800), of Division 8, of the Business and Professions Code. List of State Departments with Approved Purchasing Authority Gambling Control Commission General Services, Department of Government Operations Agency Governor's Office - non IT only, IT - see Technology, Department of H Health & Human Services Agency Health Care Services, Department of Health Facilities Financing Authority - see Treasurer, State High-Speed Rail Authority Highway Patrol, California About - CA Consumer Power & Conservation Financing ... Procurement Division - Kevin Dollison ... Gambliing Control, Bureau of - Alex Holtz Gambling Control Commission - Alex ... Exam / Assessment Search Results - CalCareers

Annual Registration Form for Suppliers of Gambling Equipment/Services; USDA Designated Rural Areas by County-California, pdf; RESPONSIBLE GAMBLING AND SELF-EXCLUSION PROGRAM. Please navigate to the California Gambling Control Commission’s webpage below to access the most current Self-Exclusion Request and Self-Exclusion Removal Request forms ...

This position is located in the Division of Law Enforcement, Bureau of Gambling Control, Vendor Licensing Section. Please disregard the SROA/Surplus language below, as the Department of Justice requires applicants to submit their SROA/Surplus Letter if that is the basis of their eligibility. CALIFORNIA GAMBLING CONTROL COMMISSION (CGCC) ... Procurement Division prior to ... (916) 375-4361 California Gambling Control Commission

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Division 3—Action to be taken in relation to a complaint about prohibited internet gambling content hosted outside Australia.This is a compilation of the Interactive Gambling Act 2001 that shows the text of the law as amended(b) the central management and control of the service is in Australia; or.

California Personnel Office Directory ... (916) 263-1870 Alaina Lutz (916) 274-1013 ... CALIFORNIA GAMBLING CONTROL COMMISSION

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